Cryptograms Puzzle

Cryptograms are the most mysterious of the puzzles!

Try your hand at these 300 large print cryptoquotes and unlock the wisdom of the ages.

Use pattern recognition, frequency analysis, and your basic understanding of the English language, both syntax and grammar, to crack the secret code and unlock the messages.

We Never Compromise on Quality

This is no ordinary puzzle book. Each element is thoughtfully designed to ensure high quality and maximum enjoyment. We have created thousands of puzzles for print, and by listening to our customer's feedback, we are confident that we offer an entertaining experience for all puzzle-lovers.

Perfect Companion For Daily Life

The world has changed these past couple of years. Many of us are rethinking our lives and how we live them. This recalibration towards what really matters, who really matters, and what gets our energy is a good thing. We have realized that self-care is a must and needs to be embedded in our daily routines. Relax more, breathe more, be present more. Unplug and do something you genuinely love, even for a few minutes. You deserve it.

Our Story

Hare Publishing was born out of the 2020 pandemic that sent many of us indoors. We needed an enjoyable diversion: something to help us calm anxiety, focus and relax. We needed something to do that could provide a sense of accomplishment. Many turned to puzzles, and Hare Publishing rose to the challenge.

Packed With 300 Large Print Cryptoquotes

Unleash your inner puzzle master and become a Cryptogram Master! The Cryptograms Puzzle Book includes 300 large print encrypted quotes of over a hundred great minds from Aristotle to Yoda. These puzzles will both challenge and delight. That is enough fun to last for weeks.

Easy to Learn and Hints and Solutions Included

Although Cryptograms offers a fun and challenging puzzle experience, they are easy to learn! Full instructions and tactics are available on our website from the link in the book. And don’t worry if you get stuck because there are both hints and complete solutions included in the back of the book.

Quality Design and Layout

We care about quality, design, and the environment. This puzzle book is carefully designed with large print for ease of reading and with ample room on each page to work. We have moved our comprehensive instructions to our website to reduce the number of pages and, therefore, paper required.

Fun and Addictive

Warning! Once you pick up this puzzle book, you won’t be able to put it back down.

Known side effects may include improved memory and logical thinking, increased problem-solving skills, better concentration, and a lot of fun.