About Us

My Story

Some people have been asking, why did I start designing puzzles? 

Well, I have my mother to thank for that! 

As a kid, I spent much time in the hospital. My mom would bring puzzle books to help me pass the time, and my life-long love of puzzle books began

Over the years, they accompanied me on my travels, whether to work or vacation, and brought fun to lazy Sundays, sick days, and breaks. 

This love for doing puzzles came to the rescue again when the COVID pandemic sent many of us indoors and cut us off from family and friends. We needed an enjoyable diversion to help us calm anxiety, focus, and relax. 

We needed something to do that could give us a sense of accomplishment, help us pass the time, and give our brains a good workout. 

I had my puzzle books - and then it hit me. 

Become a Puzzle Designer!  

I went on a mission to learn about the different kinds of puzzles (wow - there are a lot!) and to develop great puzzles everyone can enjoy! 

There has been a lot to learn, and I strive to improve with each new puzzle book created! 

It feels good to be living my passion and sharing my love of puzzles with others. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy my puzzle books as much as I enjoy making them for you! 




I always welcome your ideas and comments. Please send me a note.