How To Solve Akari Puzzles

Place lightbulbs (circles) in any white square to illuminate every white square in the four compass directions until reaching either a black square or the puzzle frame. Every white square must be illuminated, but a lightbulb can not illuminate another lightbulb. A black square with a number indicates how many lightbulbs can be next to it, vertically and horizontally.

Akari Puzzle

Here is a typical Akari puzzle grid. The grid size can be smaller or larger and varies in difficulty.

The grid contains both white and black squares. Some black squares have numbers indicating how many lightbulbs can be next to it.

Akari Solution

The solution to the puzzle is shown here. Notice how each lightbulb illuminates all the white squares in a straight line, vertically and horizontally, until reaching a black square or the puzzle frame. Also, notice how no lightbulb illuminates (is in a direct line with) another lightbulb. Further, there are only as many lightbulbs around a numbered black square as the black square indicates.

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