How To Solve Maze Puzzles

Although maze puzzles can be challenging, the concept is quite simple.

Maze puzzles come in different shapes and sizes and difficulty levels. However, the central concept for each is to enter the maze at the starting point or entrance and navigate through the maze (without crossing through walls) to find the one path that will bring you to the exit.

Maze Puzzle Example

Maze Puzzle

Here is a typical Maze puzzle.  The grid size can be smaller or larger and varies in difficulty. 

To complete the maze, you must first find the entrance and exit. Most mazes will mark these. The entry for this puzzle is the green spot in the top left corner, and the exit is the red spot in the bottom right corner. Different mazes may use other symbols for the entrance and exit, and some may not mark them, showing only the wall opening. 

The challenge is to find the correct pathway through the maze from the entrance to the exit without crossing any walls. 

Maze Puzzle Solution Example

Maze Solution

Here is the solution to the puzzle.

Sharpen your pencils and have fun!  Find more great puzzles in our catalog.