How To Solve Number Search Puzzles

A Number Search Puzzle is very similar to the popular Word Search Puzzle, except that instead of finding hidden words, you find number sequences such as 10234.

The puzzle consists of a grid of numbers and a list of number sequences to find in the grid.

The objective of the puzzle is to find and mark all the number sequences from the list that are hidden within the grid. The numbers may be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal in the grid. The direction of the numbers may be left to right, right to left, up, or down.

Number Search Puzzle

This number search contains 30 number sequences under the number grid, Each of the number sequences is hidden in the number grid above.

Number Search Solution

The solution to the puzzle is shown here. Notice that the number sequences are horizontal, vertical, and diagonal, and the direction of the words are left to right, right to left, up, or down.

Some Common Strategies

  • Go through each line in the puzzle from left to right and right to left, looking for the number sequence's first number. When found, look at the surrounding numbers to see if the second number of the sequence is present. If so, see if the following number in the same direction matches the third number.

  • Look for number sequences that contain two repeating numbers, such as 00 or 11, as these are also easiest to locate.

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