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At Hare Publishing, we are passionate about puzzles!

Puzzles are a fun and entertaining way to spend time and beat boredom. But did you know puzzles are a great way to keep your brain healthy?

Keeping your brain healthy is critical, especially when we age. Puzzles can improve short-term memory, cultivate creative thinking, and improve observational and deductive skills.

But there are more benefits!

  • Rewarding way to relieve stress

  • Helps build vocabulary

  • Strengthens reasoning skills

  • Develops attention to detail

  • Improves math skills

Our puzzles are hand-crafted with the intent to provide you with hours of puzzling fun while keeping your brain happy and healthy.

We sincerely hope you enjoy our puzzle books as much as we have enjoyed making them for you!

"Activities such as puzzles help maintain

cognitive connections and networks

in aging brains."

Dr. Joe Verghese, MD.Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Just Released

Puzzle Activity Book For Adults, Volume 2

You loved Volume 1 of our Puzzle Activity Book for Adults! Volume 2 is packed with another 216 number puzzles for you to enjoy.

Featuring 12 different kinds of number puzzles, this puzzle book is excellent for all the number lovers out there. Puzzles include Akari, Calcudoku, Domino, Fillomino, Futoshiki, Gokigen, Kakuro, Number Search, Nurikabe, Shikaku, Sudoku, and Tatami.

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